Growth and increasingly complex multi-user data and voice communications demand the installation of reliable network topologies in optical fiber, twisted pair and/or broadband systems.

Since its founding in 1988, ComLink has achieved wide-spread recognition for the depth and quality of its professional services.

The Organization

* National presence and reputation
* Size - large enough for financial stability, and small enough for market flexibility.
* Employee experience and loyalty.
* Strong client base and high percentage of repeat business.
* Ability to staff projects nationally
* All employees are empowered to achieve project objectives.
* Continuing focus on performance for the client.
* We demand excellence and employ only the best professionals in all aspects of our business.

Our services are clear; our direction is precise and our resolve to earn your business is undeniable. In preparation for the increased performance demands of information transport systems in the 21st century, ComLink has invested heavily in its people, their training and the equipment necessary to perform at an optimum level. This gives us one of the most experienced and well-equipped staffs in the industry today.

The demand for the kind of services we offer are actually accelerated in this environment as efficient technology services become more vital to business operations, and in some cases, to survival. Moreover, there is a greater potential client need for communications contractors with comprehensive capabilities, and we can offer this range of services. Our internal management and field operations are unsurpassed.

"The team of professionals made this effort a success.
They are team players, and possess an extensive knowledge of network systems."


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