ComLINK offers a full range of services

Cable Structures

* Vertical Riser System
* Horizontal Backbone
* Station Cabling
* Underground Cabling
* Terminal Cabling

Local Area Networks (LANs)

* Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)
* Ethernet
* Token Ring
* Apple Net
* RS-232
* Arcnet

Data/Voice Cabling

* IBM Cabling Systems
* Optical Fiber
* Twinax
* Modular Wiring
* Cable Management Systems
* Fiber Splicing
* Copper Splicing

Broadband & Video

* Sub-Mid-High Split Coaxial Systems
* Baseband Video (CCTV)
* Satellite Systems
* CATV (Cable TV)
* MATV (Master Antenna)
* Security Surveillance

ComLINK has a full range of abilities

Our design team can build an application into a “state of the art” communication network with your needs in mind, not ours.

ComLink installation crews are some of the most knowledgeable and efficient in the industry. All work is completed in a timely fashion, neatly dressed, properly labeled, and tested. Documentation is supplied to you in writing at project completion.

Project Management
Managing a construction project is a tedious and time consuming process. Using ComLink project managers as an outsourcing tool, your in-house personnel may be utilized more effectively.

Network managers know that adds, moves and changes are essential in a changing business environment. ComLink will help you maintain your network and keep it operating smoothly. Our services are clear; our direction is precise and our resolution to earn your business is undeniable. For the new millennium, we have invested heavily in our people giving us one of the most experienced staff available in the industry today.



ComLINK Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber Fusion Splicing
Metro Ring Test & Documentation

ComLink furnishes a multitude of customers with a variety of fiber optic cable installations and splice/termination services. Comlink has experience in LAN/WAN, CATV, Fiber optic distribution networking infrastructures HFC & long haul cabling along railroads and highways. Comlink provides utility cabling splicing and complete loop testing with the latest telecommunication testing equipment. Comlink has and is certified in the use of multi mode and single mode O.T.D.R., and power meter sets.

We are highly experienced in performing lateral splicing of new metro building and hot fiber ring splicing. Our technicians are trained to install cabinets, cases and central office entrances.



ComLINK Premise Wiring

Office Environment Campus
Educational Commercial

ComLink specializes in the complete design, installation and maintenance of data and fiber networking infrastructure, and is capable of fulfilling virtually any criteria specified by the client. If you aren’t exactly sure of what you need, ComLink designers can meet with your staff and design your infrastructure around your exact needs and wants.

Does your company need Ethernet? Fiber Optics? Do you need a combination? What about all of them? At ComLink any combination of mediums is available. ComLink offers complete systems design and integration, from WAN backbones, MDF’s, IDF’s. We offer complete LAN cable installation for your offices, campus, etc.

No matter the combination or structure, from the smallest office to the largest university. ComLink Midwest provides unmatched quality. We are equipped and able to fulfill your network design, installation, and maintenance requirements.

ComLink can also integrate upgrades into nearly any existing voice/data infrastructure. If you are not exactly sure what your company has, ComLink can provide an existing infrastructure analysis in order to propose and perform modifications necessary to make your network more efficient. We have the solutions for your data communication needs.



ComLINK Sonet Installation

OC-3 & OC-48 DSX Panel
Framework Installation As-Built Documentation

ComLink Inc. is currently certified in Lucent’s highspeed SONET transport systems which include OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 carrier class equipment. Our work environment includes Hubs, LSOS, POPS, and customer premise.

Installation of multiple nodes under very strict time restraints have been met. Identification of equipment and cables is concise and informative. We subscribe to Lucent’s Network Validation Testing and adhere to USWest standards which include: Power Equipment and Engineering Standards, Grounding Central Office, Remote Equipment Environment Telecommunications Equipment, Engineering and Removal, and Central Office Telecommunications Equipment Engineering Standards.

Our crews realize the value and importance of a safe work environment; We take great care in a “live” workplace, not to disrupt existing service while installing new transport systems. We work hand-in-hand with the NOCC to ensure proper communication at all levels.



ComLINK Telephony Services

Telephony ISDN Lines T1 Lines HDSL

We have the capability of engineering, designing, provisioning and conditioning all technologies that are currently available in the industry. We have experience working at all levels. Our experience ranges from working with the major telephone companies to vendors supplying the services and the end user doing the circuit extension. ComLink’s years of experience in premise wiring allows us to complete the project with unmatched quality.



Comlink has always provided outside plant cabling services including trenching and directional drilling. Services include installation of roll, stick and cell duct followed by fiber optic cable and multi-pair copper for both short and long haul operations. Comlink owned and operated two Ditch Witch 2720 directional drills in the late 90’s along with leasing multiple back hoes, trenchers and other earth moving equipment. Even after having sold the equipment Comlink has continued to provide underground installation services through business alliances that are licensed professionals in their fields. This allows our customers to have Comlink as their one point of contact for any OSP project.



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